Pendaflex Recycled Hanging Folders, Letter Size, Standard Green, 25/BX (81600) Esselte Corporation



:1/3 Cut

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  • STAY CONSISTENT WITH OFFICE RECYCLING GOALS: these standard green folders have paper made from 100% recycled fiber with 95% post-consumer fiber
  • TABS SOLD SEPARATELY: This box of hanging files is for the volume filer with their own large collection of plastic tabs and inserts; Pendaflex lets you order only what you need—no tabs or printable label inserts included
  • IT'S LIGHTER ON THE INSIDE: Standard green hanging files have a lighter interior to help prevent accidental time-wasting misfiles between folders
  • STOCK-UP SHOP & DONE: This never-out necessity comes with 25 letter sized hanging file folders per box and makes re-orders quick and convenient
  • WAVE GOODBYE TO CLUTTER: Several boxes and a good filing plan puts you on your way to a clear desk and wide open spaces

Size:Letter  |  Style:No Tabs

Pendaflex Recycled Hanging File Folders are a brilliant option for everyday filing. Our standard green hanging file folders have paper made from 100% recycled fiber with 95% post-consumer fiber. These two-toned hanging file folders are lighter on the inside to help prevent time-wasting misfiles.
Tabs and inserts sold separately. Letter size. 25 Per box.
Fulfill your filing master plan
: this value-priced basic makes it easy to refresh your oldest, worn-out hanging file folders, or replace the whole system with a filing plan you create from the ground up
Prevent time-wasting misfiles: even our standard green hanging folders have lighter interiors so you won’t waste time filing (losing) important documents between your hanging file folders
Create files that grow with you: these hanging file folders are scored at bottom to expand with your workload
It’s great to be coordinated: use with Pendaflex letter-sized interior file folders for a perfectly dressed file drawer
Made at home: these Pendaflex file hanging file folders are proudly made in the USA, a mark of quality you can rely on


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Lianne Collier
May 24, 2015
Short Review: Poor quality, seems like playing russian roulette to see whether you will get a good Pendaflex product or a terrible quality one.

Long Review: It took a lot of online research for me to find out and get to the bottom of this. If you go to Pendaflex's wikipedia page you'll be able to learn a little bit about their corporate history and how the used to be owned by Esselte Corporation. However, the most recent turn of events for them, having been bought by TOPS Products in March of 2014 is only readily apparent if you go to pendaflex's website and to TOPS products own website. This is even more confusing when the Amazon seller known as
January 18, 2018
They do look a bit weak, particularly the tabs. I can tell that after removing them once or twice the slots will begin to fall apart, even with careful application. However, they were the most budget friendly hanging file folders I could find, so I am pleased. The actual folder material appears a bit tougher, than the slots for inserting tabs, plus the hanging bars are quite decent. If you're on a budget I don't see how you could go wrong! For light use these are the way to go!
April 18, 2017
These folders are rough, soft and tear easily. Amazon page says made from
January 30, 2010
I needed to buy 15 boxes of legal hanging file folders, 25 per box. Therefore, I searched all the major office supply online vendors, including Amazon, and this was the best price. I got my 15 boxes.

These are great hanging file folders. I prefer the recycled green ones for several reasons. I like the way they look - all business, they use recycled paper and they're less expensive.

The large tabs are very good. One can write a longer title for the tab or even leave space and reuse the same tab by crossing out what was written and using the remaining space. I write on these tabs rather than use a label maker because I'd rather save time and go with my own legible printing, but that's a personal choice.

Pendaflex is a big name in hanging file folders. You can't go wrong because there's nothing wrong that I can see with these. They're just as strong as all the green file folders you've ever used. That's why price matters. I recommend this product.
May 18, 2017
I bought the green ones because they were least expensive and I figured I didn't need fancy colors. Well the green ones don't come with the plastic tabs. There appears to be mixed answers on this. In the product description it says no tabs (my bad) but in the customer questions someone answered that they come with tabs. For past purchases of hanging folders I've always received tabs so this never occurred to me to look. Folders themselves seem to be as expected.
July 4, 2018
Really like these. Get the plastic tabs of your liking and use a label maker to make your files be the envy of others. Buying these is the first step. Pendaflex is the only way to go. The immitations are thinner. These are thicker with a plastic coating on the top which makes them much more durable. They also slide better than the immitations Highly recommended.
Corey Martiniano
January 7, 2018
These are perfect for our files, and the tabs are easy to use/customize.

They fulfill all the criteria expected of them:
- Slide well in file-box
- Fit perfectly
- Strong
- Easily customized tabs
April 5, 2016
These are not office-grade folders. The folder material is quite thin, but more importantly the horizontal supports that rest of the rails of the file cabinet are flimsy and rough. Since they are flimsy, they collapse when the folder is heavily loaded, and because they are rough they do not slide easily on the rails.

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